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Singapore's Central Business District (CBD) is our economic core, the most vibrant and bustling business activities take place within these impressive skyscrapers. Since the beginning of 1820s when Sir Stamford Raffles first stepped foot off Singapore River, Raffles Place, formerly known as Commercial Square under the first Raffles Town Plan was already designed for commercial activities and the City Hall area reserved for government functions. To-date, you will find that all important financial, administrative, and commercial buildings such as the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX), Supreme Court, and City Hall are still housed in this densely-built business district.

While Singapore's CBD has its rich history and heritage as seen by concentration of conservation shophouses, it continued to transform and progress with times as more prestigious skyscrapers having state-of-the-art facilities springing up such as CapitaGreen and Tanjong Pager Centre etc. Furthermore under the latest Master Plan, Tanjong Pager is set for further development expanding its already mixed-use characteristics into three times that of Marina Bay by 2027 with more residential, retail, medical-aesthetic-tourism functions added. All these future developments continue to enhance and reinforce our CBD strategic location as Singapore's business core district.

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